verotop XP 12-48mm

verotop XP is a rotary swaged rotation-resistant rope with compacted strands and a rope core covered with a plastic layer.

  • verotop XP is the strongest of all rotation-resistant ropes.
  • verotop XP has a very stable rope structure and achieves good bending fatigue results.
  • verotop XP offers superior crushing resistance and best resistance to abrasion.
  • verotop XP possesses perfect spooling behavior on multilayer drum.
  • verotop XP can be used either with or without swivel.
  • verotop XP is a category 1 rotation-resistant rope in accordance with ASTM A1023.

The rope is fully lubricated. The finish available as standard is galvanized, bright finish on request.

  • Average fill factor 0.745
  • Regular Lay available
  • Rope Category Number (RCN) to determine the number of visible broken outer wires, signaling discard of rope acc. ISO 4309: RCN=23-1

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