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In addition to the current product catalog it was always of great importance for verope to provide its global customers with important information and assistance for the correct choice of rope, rope applications as well as information about maintenance and inspection. The new, completely revised "Technical Brochure - verope special wire ropes“ is addressed to all customers who are interested in wire rope technology. The brochure is available in German and English and offers a variety of useful information, supported by numerous graphs and tables.

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1. Rope Technology – Basics
1.1 All about the rope
1.2 verolupe spray
2. Rope Characteristics
3. Why special wire ropes?
4. Discard Criteria
5. Crane components
6. Choose the right rope for your application
7. Rope requirements from the crane view
8. Rope End-fittings
9. General Information
10. Safety Instructions
11. Use of metrical ropes on imperial cranes and of imperial ropes on metrical cranes
12. verope Service and R&D Center
13. Worldwide service and distribution