verope Service and R&D Center

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verope – rely on

verope AG, founded in 2004 as a joint venture company of Pierre Verreet and Kiswire, stands for high quality special wire ropes on which you can rely. Together we will continue to focus on the development of high quality products – the next generation of special wire ropes.

verope Service Center

Early in the new year 2011, verope started up its new Service and Logistics Center in Contwig close to Zweibrücken in Germany from where it serves the European customer base. Our aims are to improve the service offerings and to broaden the portfolio of the special wire ropes and customer oriented assemblies. At the Service and Logistics Center, the high quality ropes are stocked and will be assembled expertly to suit your requirements. The rope fabrication department is a core piece of the German location. Here we are now capable of expertly assembling all our ropes with the selected termination so the assembled rope meets precisely your machine demands. The verope Service Center Team is pleased to provide its customers quality services you can rely on at any time.

Research and Development

The verope AG has an innovative research and development center, which we consistently expand further. The new building which hosts now the R&D Department was opened in June 2014 and with it new innovative test machines are in operation. Motivated by your needs, supported by the latest testing technology, our R&D team develops innovative high performance products.

Let us give you just one example: Our new philosophy of testing rope‘s bending fatigue performance, successfully implemented for the first time worldwide on two test machines up to 34mm, opens incredible and fascinating insights to the pattern of bending fatigue. The fact that, compared with conventional testing methods, the test speed is significantly increased allowing us to be a step ahead of others, speeding up our product development enabling us to offer balanced and proven special wire ropes to the market.

Furthermore verope offers the following services: • Aftersales support • Technical consultancy • Rope inspections • Theoretical lifetime calculations • All kinds of testing - Bending fatigue, - Efficiency, - Dynamic load, - Tensile breaking tests It would be our pleasure to provide you with more details regarding our novel and innovative concept and the benefits it offers also to you as our valued customer.

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